Tom Cotter is hard at work on the hunt. That hunt is for rare old cars, and he's often poking his nose into overgrown yards, dust-filled sheds, and yes, into the odd barn here and there.

You'd think in this day and age that the idea of a barn find car would be something from a past era devoid of cellphones and instant Internet access. That's not the case though, and Cotter is documenting his finds in a great web series appropriately titled "Barn Find Hunter."

In the episode above, Cotter meets people that lead him to the flat-spotted tires of some seriously great examples of classic automobiles. A first-generation Chevrolet Corvette sits under a tarp, with its numbers-matching Blue Flame engine in need of rescue. For Corvette fans, this is the model where the love affair literally starts. It might not be their preferred model but it's the one that truly started it all.

After that, Cotter moves on to a rare Buick drop-top muscle machine. The GS Stage 1 is incredibly rare, even more so as a convertible. Buick offered the Stage 1 upgrade for a little over $100 when the car was sold new, but not everyone needed a Buick with a 455-cubic inch engine rated to produce over 500 pound-feet of torque. That's why there are so few of these out there, and when a clean example comes up for sale it can fetch well over $100,000. In fact, these are now touching $200,000 and even $250,000 in some cases.

Cotter has more barn finds to explore on this episode, so if you're into rare dusty metal then this is your new favorite web show.