Polestar is being blunt with the latest teaser for its upcoming electrified performance coupe. In the new video, the former Volvo in-house tuning division explains its ethos and says, "we [will] reveal a car that we would want to drive ourselves. Because when you build something for yourself, only the best is good enough."

The video doesn't show any new images of the Polestar coupe but merely proclaims what the electrified coupe won't do. Among the proclamations, Polestar says: "no overpromising, no compromises, no big data, no millennial strategy," and, most humorous of all, "no bullshit." Polestar is seriously pumped about its first product as a standalone brand.

Polestar will still offer its performance and tuning expertise to future Volvo cars, but as a standalone brand, it will build its own high-performance electrified cars. The brand's teased sports coupe will likely be a plug-in hybrid with an inline-4 engine providing part of the powertrain equation. Reports indicate the car might make 600 horsepower. To keep costs in check, Polestar will still use “technological and engineering” aspects of Volvo cars, but only Polestar badges will grace its products.

The teaser video ends with "No. 1," a reference to its first car that it plans to debut on October 17. Polestar has high hopes, and since the brand isn't mincing words, we're eager to see the final product. Stay tuned for when the car is revealed next week.