For many folks who have a passion for all things automotive, the Ferrari F40 represents a pinnacle vehicle in the pantheon of all-time great machines. It's the last vehicle to earn the personal stamp of approval from Enzo himself, and it's a high-water mark for all things supercar. Cooper MacNeil is a man who gets that, which is why he owns one and loves it like he does.

MacNeil, when he's not piloting his brilliant red Ferrari, can be found on race tracks driving race cars to podium finishes. In fact, MacNeil and his co-driving team of Bill Sweedler and Townsend Bell managed a 3rd place class finish at the 2017 24 Hours of Le Mans.

This isn't about his racing skills though. This is a story highlighting an incredible machine. It's not a common sight to see a Ferrari F40 running down any city streets at night, but especially so in Chicago. Pot holes need to be avoided, and nasty weather can keep even regular road cars garaged for extended times.

MacNeil, though, is clearly in love with his car. He understands that it's a full-on race car for the street. The engine compartment is referred to as a display case for the engine itself, which is a wonderful way to look upon the rear section of the F40. Additionally, Cooper says that despite lacking a radio, it has one and it's in the form of the engine behind your head.

Petrolicious serves up a tremendous video here. The lighting is excellent and the soundtrack, both the car and the music, are a joy. Hit play and watch a man express his admiration for his beloved machine.