Modified versions of the Nissan GT-R are going faster and faster. Recently, the team from the West Chicago-based AMS Performance set a new low (that's a good thing here) when it ran its GT-R into the six-second range in the quarter mile. Now the competitive set from ETS has reclaimed the throne but pushing its own modded Nissan deeper into that range.

ETS stands for Extreme Turbo Systems out of Vancouver, Washington, and that name clearly means business here. Their car is now the quickest Nissan GT-R in the land after running a pair of passes at the Missouri F-Body Mustang Meet held at US 36 Raceway.

The AMS car originally ran a 6.937 and had a trap speed of 192 mph when it broke into six-second territory. During warm-ups, the ETS car easily put down a 7.29-second run. After that it was time to turn up the boost and get to work. The car ripped off a 6.91-second run in its first full attempt at the record. The trap speed was just over 195 mph. The record was now ETS's. But there was room for improvement.

The car was incredibly squirrelly on that run, as the GT-R was fighting for traction seemingly the entire 1,320 feet it traveled down the track. Driver Lucas English did a great job of keeping it off the wall.

For the next run, the ETS team backed off the boost a bit and managed an impressive 6.88-second run with a phenomenal 222.93-mph trap speed.

These cars are pushing the boundaries of what a modified street car can do. This is a fight against physics, and it's tremendous what the various Nissan GT-R tuners are doing in this realm. 


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