The Jaguar XK120 isn't necessarily the rarest vehicle built by the brand; over 12,000 leaping cats were produced between 1948 and 1954. Sought after? Absolutely, but there's one XK120 that has it beat.

It's a one-off XK120 with a body built by Pininfarina and it officially bowed at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Eelegance. A restoration doesn't get much more intense than this one. Classic Motor Cars of the United Kingdom undertook the bespoke Jaguar project two years ago and we'd say it's been worth the wait. The restoration included a full-body restore with a new front end, new rear quarter panels, inner arch panels, boot floor, sills and door skins. That's just the beginning, though.

CMC also repaired the entire chassis, retrimmed the interior, rebuilt the engine to factory specifications, and refurbished the original suspension components. In total, the team put over 6,000 hours of work into the car, which included actually remaking some obsolete components. For example, the rear window and the window surround were 3D-scanned and recreated with data to fit the lines Pininfarina penned decades ago. The same can be said for the chrome work; 80 percent of it was recreated.

The car itself has a spotted history with gaps that leave few clues as to where the car ended up for a period of time, but CMC purchased the project car an American in 2015. Unfortunately, the previous owner never got around to the lengthy restoration. CMC? They've done this car justice.


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