Remember the recent unveiling of the fuchsia McLaren 720S by McLaren Special Operations? Rolls-Royce has an answer to it.

Actually, it's the same exact color and the car is going to the same commissioner: one Michael Fux, who has a taste for brightly colored cars. Rolls-Royce revealed its bespoke Dawn for Fux at The Quail in Pebble Beach, California, during Monterey Car Week. According to Rolls-Royce, the color comes from a wildflower Fux found at Pebble Beach last year and he presented Rolls-Royce with the challenge to recreate it in a bespoke hue.

This is the brand that offers a 44,000-strong color palette for its customers, so it wasn't much of a challenge at all.

Like his McLaren 720S finished in fuchsia, the Dawn convertible also features a bright white leather interior with fuschia accents and it is mighty bright to look at it.

In addition to his four bespoke McLarens and their one-off hues, Fux has commissioned ten other Rolls-Royces with hues blended especially for the entrepreneur. Each individual color is reserved exclusively for Fux and bears his name attached to it. For example, the palette includes Fux Yellow, Fux Intense Jade Pearl, Fux Candy Red, and more. As you can imagine, this color has a similar name: Fux Fuchsia.