It's not a world-record holder yet, but this full-bodied electric car built in Denmark is pretty darn close to becoming one. Recently. the 2,200-horsepower electric drag car clocked a 4.89-second eighth-mile time.

For those keeping score at home, that's just over a tenth of a second off  the current world-record holder, a dragster by the name of "Panic" that resides in Detroit. This electric car was engineered and built in Denmark and the Danish team responsible for the build, True Cousins, calls their electric monster the TC-X and it's proven to be pretty darn quick. Just to show the world they didn't get lucky, they ran the TC-X a second time—after the batteries were charged up, of course—and it clocked a 4.9-second time.

According to Digital Trends, the TC-X borrows some of its components from a Chevrolet C3 Corvette, but power comes from a pair of forklift engines that provide 2,200 hp for five seconds. Unfortunately, True Cousins hasn't revealed much else about the car.

The team is very eager to continue working with the car and to bring the time into the 4.7-second range. And ultimately, the goal is to give the American-built "Panic" dragster something to really worry about. Have a look at the car in the video above.