In a shocking decision by a German court, Ferrari has lost the rights to the "Testarossa" name in the country. A German toy maker will now use the Testarossa name and has plans for some oddball items to brand with the moniker we've long associated with the prancing horse.

First reported by German newspaper Der Spiegel, Ferrari was sued by Autec, the German toy maker, over the rights to use the Testarossa name. Autec argued the name hadn't been officially used since the Ferrari Testarossa exited production in 1996. Ferrari, on the other hand, presented its argument to keep the name due to ongoing business, restoration, and service surrounding the super sports car; Ferrari still produces parts and works with Testarossa customers.

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The court ultimately decided that, since the name hasn't actually been used for over two decades, Ferrari couldn't keep others from using the name. The court argued the services provided by Ferrari surrounding the Testarossa weren't enough since they're technically provided by the Ferrari brand itself.

So, what will Autec brand with the "Testarossa" name? It plans to manufacture electric shavers and bicycles with its newly acquired trademark. The company also produces a variety of remote-controlled cars, trucks, and helicopters. However, no plans to use the Testarossa nameplate with its toys have been disclosed.

The decision may still be appealed—and we bet it will—by Ferrari, but as it stands right now, the Testarossa name is no longer the Italian sports car maker's to use in Germany.