Those at home definitely shouldn't try and mimic the stunts seen here.

Battledrift is back, and this time, Daigo Saito has a new challenger.

Saito, a renowned drifter hailing from Japan, takes on Europe's tire slayer, Steve Biagioni. Saito's 659-horsepower Lamborghini Murcielago also returns front and center, while Biagioni's 1,419-hp Nissan GT-R makes its first Battledrift appearance.

It's East versus West in a competition of close calls, incredible sideways action, and a time when pure power doesn't always mean victory. Though, with a video full of more than 2,600 hp, there's no denying power is a prime component.

With a sponsor like Monster Energy, you know things get chaotic. Produced by Donut Brand Studio and directed by Andrew Laputka, Battledrift 2 takes place on a desolate British dockside where close corners, tight spaces, and inclement weather make for a challenging dual. Both drivers push the cars farther than expected and the poise and finesse present is quite literally jaw-dropping at certain times. Remember putting lunch trays under your tires to go sideways? It's that, but times the experience by 1,000.

There's also a fun surprise thrown into the mix: Casey Currie makes a special appearance with his 557-hp Pro Lite race truck. Because if a video involving a crazy powerful Lamborghini and Nissan needs anything else, it's a bonkers Jeep race truck.

In the end, there can only be one winner. Saito dusted Vaughn Gittin Jr. in the first iteration of Battledrift, but can he pull a repeat? That, friends, is found out only by pressing play above.