A sinkhole is a devastating, geological assassin. It arrives seemingly out of nowhere and can cause serious destruction to roadways, homes and cars.

But how does such a dangerous situation manifest right below our feet and tires? It's mostly related to water.

This video provides a great visual explanation of how these sinkholes come to be. It's all focused on water, and the erosion effects it can have on soil, clay, bedrock and other layers that exist below our roadways and cities.

Water fights its way through the ground layers and displaces some material. That can expand as the water continues to work its way into these areas. A pocket of essentially nothing can form as the water moves the given material out of its former location. This gets more dangerous as the pocket grows. You'll soon wind up with a sinkhole that rises to take out the layers and eventually the ground above it.

This leads to those massive sinkholes that eat up the world above. Apparently, they even have an appetite for Corvettes.