Mercedes-AMG is committed to electrifying its lineup, a stance made clear with the unveiling of the 805-horsepower GT hybrid sedan concept at March’s 2017 Geneva auto show.

The first of AMG’s hybrids will be the Formula One-powered Project One hypercar debuting in September at the 2017 Frankfurt auto show. Higher volume hybrid models are set to follow.

Speaking to Wheels, a source at Mercedes-Benz said AMG will start by offering a hybrid powertrain pairing Mercedes’ new 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-6 with an electric motor. This setup will feature in new ‘53’ series models that will start replacing the current ‘43’ series models, like the E43.

Mercedes-Benz integrated starter generator (ISG)

Mercedes-Benz integrated starter generator (ISG)

The first 53 series model is said to be a CLS53 based on the next-generation CLS debuting in 2018. Its inline-6 is expected to deliver about 430 horsepower with an electric motor to add around 70 hp to that figure. That’s up considerably on the 396 hp delivered by the 3.0-liter turbocharged V-6 featured in the current crop of 43 series models.

The 53 series models aren’t expected to feature a plug or the ability to run on electric power alone. Instead, they are expected to feature a mild hybrid setup where the electric motor, referred to as an integrated starter generator (ISG), aids the engine and recovers energy under braking. Regular Mercedes models using the new inline-6 will have a tamer version of this setup.

Other cars expected to receive the 53 treatment include the E-Class sedan, coupe and convertible. No doubt SUVs like the GLE and GLE Coupe will also receive a 53 model. Due to the cost of the technology, smaller models will likely forgo it for the time being.