"What a terrible day" current "Top Gear" host Chris Harris says as he climbs into his third performance dream machine of the day.

Yes, it's raining on this particular day, but that's pretty much expected when you're in the United Kingdom. Regardless, Harris has the tough task of putting the Acura NSX, Audi R8 V10 Plus and the Porsche 911 Turbo through their requisite paces. The result? Lots of powerful skids.

Each car gets the off-the-line treatment, and traction is clearly an issue for almost all of them. The 911 Turbo dispatches with the other two in a hurry. As Harris points out, this isn't even the Turbo S version that we're talking about.

Beyond that straight-line gusto, Harris quite enjoys all three cars in equal measure. It's clear he's having a blast as he finds some delightful angles in all three. The surface presented to him is flooded, but that doesn't matter as all three cars have all-wheel drive. It's how that all-wheel drive is metered out that defines the depth of the drift to which Harris applies with each vehicle.

The winner of this comparison is us the viewer. We're treated to some vehicular shenanigans presented in crisp HD with a man who can communicate his feelings whilst doing silly things. If you were given the keys to all three and made to choose one, you wouldn't make a wrong choice, and that shows just how great all three vehicles really are.