If you're a drifing pro and you stuff the V-8 from a Ferrari 458 into a Toyota 86, what do you suppose is next? Exactly, you drift it.

That's exactly what Ryan Tuerck is doing here with his so-called Toyota GT4586. We first saw this car in June, and then watched it do donuts around a Ferrari 458 in November. Now, we get to see it sliding around at Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, California.

Clearly, this is what this car and this driver were meant to do. The extreme steering angle of the front wheels is proof enough of the car's drift intentions, and the 600 or so Italian ponies from that Ferrari mill have no problem keeping those tires spinning around corners.

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As an added bonus, another drifter, Chris Forsberg, joins in on the fun in a Nissan 370Z drift car, and the two do a positively balletic dance around Willow Springs. The chase car? A lowly Porsche 911.

You won't see this car in Formula Drift competition. It wasn't build to those specs. Instead, it was just the flight of fancy of a crazy drifter, and it turned out to be one of the coolest Toyotas ever built.

Click on the video and watch a car guy having fun with his creation.