What's your daily driver? We're betting it's some kind of Accord, Camry, or Traverse. Why not a 1963 VW Bus with a 468-cubic inch Chevrolet V-8?

That's the daily driver of the lunatic in this video from 1320 Video. Shout out to Road & Track for digging it up.

As you can tell by the Chevy V-8 (and the stance, and the wide rear tires, and the flat black paint, and the attitude), this is no 36-horsepower original VW Bus. This monstrosity has a Lincoln Continental rear end, a custom frame, a host of scrounged parts, and a Chevrolet Astro front end to give it power steering. 

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The owner, known only as Mike, says he squirts it with nitrous oxide, and it can run 12.20 in the quarter mile. That's thanks to 587 horsepower from the V-8 and a 150 hp boost from the nitrous. Where'd the engine come from? A boat. And how does he cool it? Not with a duct so much, but with what we'd call a growth on the driver's side of the vehicle.

Our hero says he built the frame in two days and the whole vehicle in six weeks. The shifter is a handle from a labor bed--because why not?

If this dragstrip-ready VW van isn't your cup of methane, maybe this Race Taxi is more your speed.

Ah, the crazy things people can do with automobiles.


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