Mike and Jim Ring have their particular set of skills down pat. What they can do is take a classic muscle car and turn it into a one-off pro touring machine that isn't too over the top. That is, until you start digging a bit deeper into the design and engineering of a given project car. Then you realize there's so much more going on than first meets the eye. And when you get into the details on the powertrain, you realize you have a monster on your hands. This applies to the Wisconsin brothers' 1969 Chevrolet Camaro, otherwise known as the G-Code Camaro.

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The body is clearly that of a '69 Camaro. Look closer and you'll find something has been changed in just about every line and detail, though, from the inset design on the roof to the door handles to the custom mirrors to the rounded off door edges, and even to the bumpers that the owner of the car milled from blocks of aluminum at his shop. Inside, you'll find a gorgeous custom cabin that looks extremely high-end. The seats are unique to the car, and Jay comments that they are some of the finest he's seen. Again, the owner created the steering wheel, and that tiller wouldn't look out of place in a new Camaro, or maybe even a Bentley.

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This is a muscle machine, though, and its heart beats to the tune of a heavily modified LS3 V-8 engine. It's a 416 cubic-inch V-8 that's breathing through a Whipple supercharger. Output is estimated to be in the neighborhood of 1,000 horsepower and 800 pound-feet of torque. That's all handled by a 6-speed Tremec gearbox, and the chassis is sorted thanks to an aftermarket setup designed by the good folks at Detroit Speed.

It's an impressive machine, but since it came from the Ring Brothers' shop, we'd expected nothing less. Watch the video for more details and to see this monster in action.