When Toyota and Subaru got together to build their 86 and BRZ coupes, they weren't thinking about big power. Instead, the 200-horsepower coupe they created was focused more on its balance and light weight—factors designed to evoke sports cars of yore. 

That's not exactly what drifting pro Ryan Tuerck had in mind for this two-door. It's not clear if this one started life as a Scion FR-S or a Subaru BRZ (the video says it's a Toyota 86, but we think Tuerck is just getting a jump on things since the actual 86 isn't out yet). Either way, it's undergoing a massive power upgrade.

As the video shows, a Ferrari [NYSE:RACE] V-8 has been shoehorned into the coupe, in an effort to "combine the best of Japan and Italy." 

That 4.5-liter V-8, in its stock form, is rated at up to 597 hp in Ferrari's latest 458 Speciale. That's a hefty increase over the 200 pony stock motor.

That may sound like sacrilege, but Tuerck knows what he's doing when it comes to these two-doors. Recently, we brought you a thrilling video of the New Hampshire native venturing to his local NASCAR track for a little hoonage and, in the past, he has Tuerck'd an otherwise pastoral Vermont mountain in a 600-hp FR-S.