The 2017 Mazda MX-5 RF is the targa-topped Miata that some fans of the car have been hoping would come to light. Not everyone is excited about the cut-up coupe, but there are some enthusiasts that prefer a real roof over their heads and this MX-5 delivers just that.

How does that folding hardtop work, though? A Japanese Mazda channel has a video that visually breaks it down, and while it's not quite as thrilling to behold as the Porsche 911 Targa's power roof, it's pretty good. 

First, you must visualize that you want the top to be stowed. This is where a phantom appears and begins the process. The ghost reaches out and touches the toggle switch for the roof to get things moving. Next, your body panels in the roof area become transparent and reveal the mechanism beneath the skin of the car.

A front hook is unlatched, and the rear flying buttress section lifts up and backwards. The main roof panel then slides into the space behind the seats before folding neatly below where that buttress section will return, sitting above the now stowed roof panel. Your body panels return to their normal level of opacity. The phantom is then banished to the land of wind ghosts, only to return when you need your top returned to the closed position.

You'll need to shell out around $33,000 to have the pleasure of partying with the new MX-5 RF once it goes on sale in 2017.