Are you a Bentley owner? Is your gas gauge swinging toward empty? Do you have the time to fill it up? It's a sad moment in your life, and you must now decide which gas station to use while hopefully avoiding interaction with the rest of society. It sounds like you're ready to get Filld.

Bentley is trying out a fuel delivery service. It's an app-based service called Filld--because Silicon Valley hates using vowels and enjoys destroying language. Techies do like the word "disruption" though, which is what Filld aims to do with regard to the abhorrent task of finding a gas station, getting out of your car, and filling up your tank. Unless, of course, you live in New Jersey, where its considered a dangerous game to try and fill your own car with fuel.

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Using the Filld app, a Bentley owner can request fuel to be delivered to his or her vehicle. The Filld team will find the car, open the fuel tank, and pour in that precious dino juice. If you life in California, you can test this out as the current Filld service region is pretty much just the Bay Area.

We have to assume that Bentley would offer this as a free service to its customers, minus the cost of fuel. Filld price-matches the lowest gas price in your area when it charges you. Normal, non-Bentley driving folk can use the app as well but they pay a $3 delivery fee...which really isn't that bad and could actually bail you out when you run out of gas very economically.

All things considered, this app isn't a terrible idea. Let's say you were sitting in the office daydreaming out heading home. You remember that you pulled into the parking lot on fumes, and you're already annoyed that you have to stop for gas on the way home. Dial up that Filld app, and your car will be ready to rock when you step out of work.

Of course, this scenario would be better if you drove a Bentley to work.