Hagerty knows a lot about old vehicles. Their pricing tools are pretty invaluable for collectors, as is their insurance on the old machines. The people that work for them truly love wrenching on old metal as well, and they proved they know how to do just that at last year's AACA Fall Hershey Swap Meet.

For four days, a team of builders scoured the fairgrounds for parts and the crew built an entire 1946 Ford truck.

Now they're going to do it all over again.

This year's live stream is the same approach they took last year. Starting at noon on October 4 you'll be able to watch it all unfold. Over 100 hours, the team will attempt to bring a vehicle to life and then drive it home to their Traverse City, Michigan, headquarters.

Hagerty isn't spilling the beans on what sort of vehicle it plans to bring together. We know, however, that the builders will be starting with a rolling chassis and nothing more. All of the necessary parts will be found on the fairgrounds, and it better get them home at the end of those 100 hours.

This is our kind of build challenge, because there's actual tension involved. It's not like a reality TV car build that adds in fake drama. This is live-streamed so anything could happen as they wrench forward into the unknown.

Onward, brave gearheads.