Jay Leno loves cars. He also loves chatting with his fellow comedian friends, and one of those friends is David Spade.

Now Spade might not initially jump out at you as a "car guy", but he's been bitten by the bug. While filming his Joe Dirt movie, he fell in love with the ratty Superbird. So much so, in fact, that he wound up spending $900,000 to buy a Dodge Daytona of his own.

That's not the car Leno and Spade are looking at today though, as Spade has the keys to his daily-driver Grand National.

It's clearly a car that gets used, as it's banged up in a few spots. Still, it looks just as menacing as ever with its none-more-black paint scheme and that whistling of the turbo. Leno clearly loves the car, and Spade seems just happy to take a ride with his pal.

This isn't a Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee-level comedy lovefest going on here, but it is a good clip of two friends cruising in a cool car. We'd love to see Spade drop by Jay's garage in that Daytona, of course. Mostly so he could explain why he's part of the problem of people way overpaying for Mopar machines... but that's a topic for another day.