Audi and Airbnb have an interesting proposition for you: rent a property, get an Audi R8, and do whatever you want with the dry lakebed that surrounds the house.

You don't have to be a total loner or a speed freak to love the idea--but neither would hurt. The property in question is located on a piece of land out in the Nevada desert. The car parked outside this property is the latest version of the V-10-powered sportscar we've piloted from NASCAR tracks to European road courses.

Starting on September 18th, Audi and Airbnb will release a few dates for the property to be booked. There will be seven guests stays in total starting in October.

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Keep in mind, this is four-star treatment of the desolate kind. You'll arrive into McCarran airport in Las Vegas, where you'll be whisked away to the middle of nowhere.

Over the course of three days you'll have an empty lakebed to blast across during the day. At night, you can enjoy seeing the night sky as you've likely never seen it before, unless you've done a semi-terrifying night lap on a famous track in one. Out there, the Milky Way is your closest neighbor, and it'll be all yours. Other than the house, not much else occupies the 80-acre spread.

With the keys to an Audi R8, however, you'll certainly be able to fill your time. The car is capable of hitting 205 miles per hour. And the chances of state troopers patrolling private property out there are...let's just say they're remote.