The car versus plane video is a thing that may have run stale.

It seems that everyone watched Top Gear do it, and then proceeded to dream up ground versus air battles of their own. There was probably such a stunt done even earlier, but it seems Clarkson and company opened the flood gates to these sort of things. That doesn't mean we completely tire of them, mind you. When done right, they can be enjoyable. Such is the case when a German motoring outfit pitted a Porsche 918 Spyder against a Red Bull Air Race Zivko Edge 540 plane.

The clip itself is long, but you can skip ahead to the racing bits. Unless, of course, you understand German and are looking for a longer distraction from your work day. This race follows the seemingly standard format when a car takes on a plane. There's a drag race down the runway, then both vehicles turn around and dash towards the start/finish line.

I don't think I'm spoiling anything by telling you that the Porsche easily wins the initial drag race. It's on the return trip where the plane, despite having to make a much wider turn, is able to flex all of its muscle.

Before the race, you can find some drifty, launchy, dashy action with the driver and the Porsche. Click play, pretend you know German, and genießen!