This week the Dodge Challenger made headlines thanks to a report that the current model will gain an all-wheel-drive version and a wide-body Hellcat model as well. With the Challenger having received only a mild update over its nearly decade lifespan, one has to wonder if this is enough to stir interest.

With that in mind,  we asked in our recent Twitter poll if an all-wheel-drive Dodge Challenger is the car you've been waiting for. Apparently, it's not. While the results were almost evenly split, the most respondents--a total of 30 percent--said, "Nope, zero interest."

It wasn't a landslide, though. Tied for second place 26 percent of you said, "Heck yes," while another 26 percent said, "They still make those?"

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Of course, 18 percent of you said, "Hellcat for life!" Notably, the Hellcat won't be getting all-wheel drive. That said, the possible wide-body model would not only look terrific but also allow for wider tires. You know, for traction? The Hellcat has a rather large traction issue. It's physics, and 707 horsepower (likely underrated) simply overcomes the grip of tires that are 275 millimeters wide.

For those wondering what the wide-body Hellcat will look like, you can view the Challenger GT AWD from last year's SEMA show as a preview. Granted, this concept actually previewed two vehicles at once: the wide-body Hellcat---though with the R/T fascia--and the all-wheel-drive version.

The next-generation Challenger should benefit from the Giorgio platform which was developed for the Alfa Romeo Giulia. It should theoretically shave as much as 500 pounds from the next Challenger and Charger, as well as a rumored Baracuda that would also share the platform.

Whether the Hemi V-8s live on, that's something we'll only find out in time. Start praying to the V-8 Gods now, kids.