We’re used to seeing Zagato churn out stunning concepts, though these typically feature four wheels.

The latest creation from the Italian design house features just two, however.

Zagato has partnered with fellow Italian firm MV Agusta to design a concept motorcycle, revealed today ahead of its September 4 formal debut as the MV Agusta F4Z. It was commissioned by MV Agusta on behalf of a Japanese client with a penchant for Zagato design.

The “F4” in the name refers to MV Agusta’s signature F4, suggesting that the impressive concept could hint at a future design for the superbike series.

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2013 MV Agusta F4

2013 MV Agusta F4

MV Agusta, which in 2014 saw Mercedes-AMG take a 25 percent stake, is thought to be working on a new generation of the F4. The current model (shown above) features a 1.0-liter inline-4 engine that screams to 14,000 rpm and delivers as much as 200 horsepower in RR guise.

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The mechanical bits of the concept are common to current MV Agusta motorcycles and includes dual disc brakes up front, a monoshock at the rear and a single-sided swingarm in the center.

The exterior, however, is unlike anything we’ve seen from the company. Zagato’s designers have applied a streamlined cowl with a single headlight unit. It’s a beautiful shape that becomes even more streamlined when the handles and windshield are tucked away.

Sadly, there’s no word yet if a limited production run is planned.