You might think that car racing is all the same, regardless of the type of vehicle. Well, we sure hope you don't, but if you needed any proof, this video released by the folks at Snap-On Tools should debunk any concern you might have had. 

In the video, we get to watch Funny Car champ Cruz Pedregon and Trophy Truck racing pro Bryce Menzies try out each other's style of racing. In the motorsports world, it is hard to imagine two more different forms of racing. Funny Cars have around 8,000 horsepower and are designed to do one thing well: go very, very fast in a straight line. By contrast, a Trophy Truck rides on 39-inch tires and has at least two feet of suspension travel. Trophy Trucks were built to tame the roughest terrain imaginable.

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Don't worry, Menzies' first attempt at drag racing isn't in a full-on Funny Car. Instead, the he gets into a much safer 700-horsepower, sub-9-second dragster. Similarly, Pedragon drives a somewhat detuned version of a Trophy Truck.

To their credit, the two pros appear remarkably calm and confident in vehicles that are way outside of their normal comfort zones. 

But the best part of the video comes at the end, so be sure to watch it all the way through. At that point, the pros get into the own vehicles—Pedregon in his Toyota Nitro Funny Car and Menzies in the Ford Raptor Trophy Truck—and they line up together at Las Vegas Motor Speedway's dragstrip for a little unconventional bracket racing. The result is fun to watch.


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