Earlier in the year we learned Mercedes-Benz was working on at least four new electric cars.

The four cars were said to include two sedans and two SUVs.

According to Autocar, the cars won’t be standalone models but versions of existing Mercedes models with tweaks done to the styling to ensure they stand out.

Based on comments made by outgoing Mercedes R&D boss Thomas Weber, the British publication reports that the C-Class, S-Class, GLA and GLC will form the basis of the cars.

Mercedes-Benz energy storage system

Mercedes-Benz energy storage system

Fellow Daimler subsidiary Accumotive will supply the batteries. Daimler recently announced plans to expand the site where Accumotive manufactures batteries, likely in preparation for the new cars. Accumotive also supplies batteries for Mercedes' home energy storage system.

Mercedes will utilize a next-generation lithium-ion battery type for the new electric cars and the minimum range target for a single charge will be in excess of 250 miles.

It’s not clear yet when the first of the cars will be launched but all four should be in the Mercedes lineup by the end of 2020. Prior to the first being launched, we’ll see fellow Daimler brand Smart launch electric versions of its latest ForTwo and ForFour city cars.

Note, Mercedes also plans to introduce a vehicle powered by a hydrogen fuel cell stack. This one is expected to be based on the GLC and debut at the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show.


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