NASCAR may be a thoroughly North American-oriented racing series, but a new expansion pack for the popular Xbox One racing game Forza Motorsport 6 allows users to take a 2016 stock car to one of many global tracks against anything from a vintage Indycar to a modern Formula One racer.

This latest expansion pack brings with it two dozen 2016 season NASCAR racing cars and it includes a digital version of the Homestead-Miami Speedway in Florida. You can't smell the beach from your computer, but you can at least race at one of the world's most famous oval speedways. Note, this is in addition to other NASCAR tracks like Daytona, Indianapolis, Watkins Glen, and Sonoma already included.

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Additional features include a 10-hour NASCAR World Tour Career mode that, as its name implies, sends a user's team on a global racing journey. More multiplayer events are joined by vastly improved drafting and spotting functions.

NASCAR itself says that Hendrick Motorsports drivers Jimmie Johnson and Chase Elliott were involved in testing the game before its release. Both had input into how the regular NASCAR season tracks were rendered digitally.

The expansion pack is available now and costs $20 for current users.


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