Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] Performance is happy to show enthusiasts what it is doing these days. In addition to its videos of the Ford GT development, it is working on a four-part series of videos highlighting the development of the Focus RS RX rally car. Built to compete in the FIA World Rallycross Championship series, the RS RX is an amped up, race-ready version of the forthcoming Ford Focus RS, which promises to be wild enough on its own.

In part one of the series, we learned that Ford Performance is working with the M-Sport race shop in Cockermouth, England and Ken Block's Hoonigan Racing to design, develop, and race a pair of cars.

Block and Andreas Bakkerud are the drivers, and their season started on April 15 in Portugal.

This video, titled "Project RX Episode 1: Craftsmanship and Assembly," features mainly the work of M-Sport as it fabricates the parts and assembles the cars. We hear from a few M-Sport workers as the put the cars together, along with a couple of representatives from Ford Performance, including  Dave Pericak, the company's global director. Ken Block isn't featured this time, but Bakkerud makes an appearance.

The real highlight of this video, however, is the glimpse we get at the work being done to a pair of cars that will go from the shop to the racetrack.

Click on the video above and check it out for yourself. We'll catch you up on the next installment when it is released.


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