Mitsubishi says the cars, trucks and SUVs it has sold in the United States are not affected by the fuel economy scandal that has rocked its home office in Japan.

In a release issued to members of the media, Mitsubishi Motors North America indicated that its American research and development wing conducted a "thorough review" of its 2013 through 2017 model year models sold in the U.S. and the vehicles were all in compliance with regulations.

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"Our findings confirm that fuel economy testing data for these U.S. market vehicles is accurate and complies with established EPA procedures," the automaker's American import arm said in the statement.

Mitsubishi further pointed out that EPA testing and that conducted in Japan, where the automaker is accused of overstating fuel economy data, is very different.

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The models named so far in Japan are vehicles sold only in that market. They are small cars, part of the "kei car" class that utilizes low displacement engines to qualify for reduced taxation. Mitsubishi built some of the affected cars under contract for Nissan, as well.

The affected models include the Mitsubishi eK and the Nissan Day, models sold exclusively in Japan. More than 600,000 cars are believed to be affected.


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