Since the middle of last year, Polestar, once a standalone motorsport and engineering firm, has been an official subsidiary of Volvo. Going forward, Polestar will continue to develop dedicated performance vehicles for Volvo like the previous S60 and V60 Polestar models, as well as offer performance parts that can enhance the look and driving feel of your Volvo.

The performance parts are grouped under the unimaginative name Polestar Performance Parts, and at present they are only available for the S60, V60 and XC60, plus the V40 sold overseas. Parts for other models will be developed in due course.

Among the list of parts are upgrades are for the wheels, suspension, exhaust, body and cabin. And we’re not just talking cosmetic items here. For example, Polestar is offering a 21-inch wheel that reduces unsprung mass due to its lightweight construction. There is also a high-flow filter for the intake system, custom suspension components (coil springs and shock absorbers) that provide a firmer, sportier ride, and a few aero models that help increase downforce.

The parts were developed with experience gained from Polestar’s former racing arm, now branded Cyan Racing, and can be purchased in complete packages or individually. They have been tested together with Volvo to the same standards as the cars to which they are attached and have no impact on the factory warranty.

In a statement, the head of the Polestar division, Niels Möller, said there has been strong demand for factory-supported upgrades for Volvo’s cars in all parts of the globe. No doubt Volvo owners have been envious of the numerous options provided by the German automakers, namely those offered by BMW in its BMW M Performance parts range.


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