It’s been a while since we've heard from Spyker. The last time the Dutch sports car brand was making headlines was back in August when it announced it had exited a restructuring process and partnered with an American firm by the name of Volta Volare, which is working on private electric aircraft.

Soon, we’re likely to be hearing from Spyker again. The company will be attending this March’s Geneva Motor Show. Dutch website Autovisie spotted Spyker on the list of exhibitors for the upcoming Swiss show and reports that the company may roll out an electric sports car of some sort.

Spyker has already confirmed plans for vehicle electrification. In announcing its partnership with Volta Volare, Spyker said it planned to use the electric aircraft firm’s “exciting new sustainable technology” in its future cars. Spyker has also said it will continue with plans for a V-6-powered sports car called the B6 Venator, which has been shown on several occasions in the recent past.

We’ll have all the details soon as the Geneva Motor Show starts March 1. In the meantime, see some of the other vehicles appearing at the show via our dedicated hub.


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