Here's what we know: In just about 12 hours a mysterious automotive startup out of Silicon Valley is going to unveil the future of transportation at the 2016 Consumer Electronics show. Technically, the company is unveiling a concept car, but frankly there's so much mystery surrounding Faraday Future little is actually known about what we'll be seeing.

According to Twitter user @superogatory, Faraday Future's iTunes app was prematurely launched—now pulled—but not before he was able to snap some screen shots of the supposed concept car.

It seems this concept might be an electric self-driving supercar? The images state the concept is electric, and claims more than 1,000 horsepower, a 0-60 mph time of under three seconds,  and "customizable modular string battery technology," whatever that is. Oh, and not only does it have an aerodynamic tail fin that doubles as a digital display but the two-passenger cockpit has people arranged like a fighter jet, with one seat behind the other.

The steering wheel looks, well, frankly like a race car's with an iPhone mounted in the center of it.

If these images are legit, this concept's going to be wilder than anyone imagined. Many, including myself, thought Faraday Future's concept was going to show a preview of the future of mass-market transportation. Perhaps a self-driving electric car that you didn't own, rather it arrived when you called for it, dropped you at your destination, and left to shuttle someone else to his or her destination.

The Twitter user summed up the concept with one tweet:

Whatever this thing is, all will be revealed tonight at 8 pm PST when Faraday Future live streams the reveal on its website

Stay tuned for an update.


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