The comeback of niche British sports car brand TVR has been talked about for over a decade but now looks closer than ever. TVR is currently owned by a consortium of investors led by entrepreneur Les Edgar, and the company has already announced plans for four new sports cars to be introduced in the space of 10 years with the first of these arriving in 2017.

The teaser image above is our first official glimpse at the new sports car due in 2017, though TVR admits that the image was created using a rendering sourced from Autocar. That means the image likely gives a taste of what’s to come but isn't representative of the final design.

What we do know is that car will feature a V-8 engine, in this case the 5.0-liter V-8 from the Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] Mustang. The engine will be tuned by legendary engine builder Cosworth to deliver well in excess of 450 horsepower, and it will sit up front and drive the rear wheels via a manual transmission.

TVR is targeting a curb weight of just 2,425 pounds for this first car and enlisted the help of Gordon Murray for the development. Murray, who led the design of the McLaren F1 supercar and currently runs his own design and engineering skunk works, is expected to apply his iStream manufacturing principles for the car. This will ensure that low-cost manufacturing can be adopted, allowing TVR to keep production in the United Kingdom.

TVR stated taking deposits for the car last summer and within six weeks had received 250 deposits, or enough to fill all build slots for all of 2017. A price tag hasn’t been mentioned but the company says the car will offer “incredible value for money.” Pricing is expected to start at £50,000 (approximately $73,775).


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