In July, it was reported that the body of famed racing driver Juan Manual Fangio was going to be exhumed two decades after his burial. The reason? There was a paternity claim laid against him by Oscar Espinoza, and a court ruled that Fangio's body would be pulled up in order to extract a bit of DNA for a test. The results of that test are in, and Espinoza was right. Fangio, who has no known previous children, has been legally declared Espinoza's father.

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According to Motorsport, Argentine Judge Rodrigo Cataldo ruled that DNA testing proved Fangio fathered Espinoza. Oscar's mother Andrea Berruet had a relationship with Fangio, and the legend of motorsports was also close with Oscar during his life as well. It's further interesting to note that Oscar Espinoza had a racing career of his own.

Now that he is officially the son of Fangio, he apparently desires to change his last name to match that of his late father's. We certainly would consider doing the same, if we could attach such an amazing name to our own.

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There's still another paternity case result pending for Fangio. A man by the name of Ruben Vazquez also lays claim to being a son of El Maestro. Vazquez has stated this his late mother made a confession to this matter back in 2005. The results of this care are expected to be revealed in the coming days.


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