There's a stunt in the automotive world called skiing. When you ski with a car, that means you've gotten it up on two wheels and are driving it in that manner. Recently, stunt driver Terry Grant set a world record for doing this when he ran a Nissan Juke NISMO RS up the hill at Goodwood. This isn't typically a popular practice as it means things have gone quite wrong, unless you know what you're doing. In the case of the driver in the video above, he clearly knows what he's doing.

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This is a prank, which means it involves a few steps. The first few steps here mean enlisting the help of others. After that it's about getting the mark to the spot, and getting the prank underway. Here it's about a few folks, including a mother and son, heading out to dinner for the evening. The mother is directed to climb into the front of the Nissan Patrol, and the prank is set forward in motion.

Then it's sent up into the air in motion... well, at least one half of the truck goes that way.

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The driver throws the car onto its side and drives around with seemingly minimal effort. Here's where the prank spins around back on the ones doing the pranking. This is what happens when you have someone with a bit more age and wisdom before you.


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