In the world of console gaming, the two big automotive racing games are Gran Turismo and Forza. One of those two is about to take a major step toward upping the level of competition you can experience online. Gran Turismo has partnered with the FIA to bring us a new game for the Playstation 4. It's called Gran Turismo Sport, and it looks to make a serious splash in the e-sports world.

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This isn't Gran Turismo 7. Instead, Gran Turismo Sport aims to position itself as the automotive racing game for those who want to race and win on a grand virtual scale. Real prizes will be awarded, as the FIA will run two sanctioned series through the Gran Turismo Sport platform. One will allow you to race for a manufacturer while the other will let you represent a country.

Additionally, the game will utilize the upcoming Playstation VR system, which brings virtual reality into the fold. This will be the first game to support the tech, and it seems to be a smart platform upon which to launch. Beta versions of the game are said to be arriving early in 2016, and you can bet we'll be clamoring for some virtual seat time when that happens.

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