Warning: This video contains some NSFW language.

The E34 BMW M5 first arrived in 1988. It was the successor to the original M5, the E28, and stuck with a straight-six engine even though many at the BMW M division at the time wanted a V-8 under the hood. Nevertheless, the car was one of the fastest sedans of its time, and with a bit of modification work it can even be one of the fastest cars of today.

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How do we know this? Because a modified E34 M5 is shown out-muscling a Bugatti Veyron in this video from YouTube user GTBoard.

Okay, this particular M5 has a little more than just a “bit” of modification work. In fact, a passenger in the Veyron mentions that the car has been fitted with a huge turbo that was possibility lifted out of a truck. Go ahead and click play to see what this super sedan can do.

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