Earlier this year we got word that Miller Motorsports Park was set to close up shop. The Utah racing facility operated by the Larry H. Miller group stated that it would not be renewing its lease. The Tooele County land had been turned into a motorsports facility ten years ago, and the county isn't ready to see that go away. That's why a team was working to find a buyer, and that buyer has arrived from China.

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Mitime Investment & Development Group is going to be the new operators of Miller Motorsports Park. Mitime is owned by the Geely group, which owns China's largest automaker. Additionally, Geely also owns Volvo. This is a group that has a lot of money to spend, and that sounds like it's exactly what Mitime is going to do in Utah.

There will be the initial $20 million spent for the actual purchase. From there, Mitime is expected to spend another $40 million to further develop the facility. This apparently includes the creation of an oval track, dragstrip, rally-cross course, and a number of upgrades to the existing racing circuit. Mitime wants to add a hotel, more garages and possible manufacturing facilities as well.

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It seems that Mitime is very interested in turning this Tooele County racing facility into a must-visit destination for any motorsport fan. We look forward to the coming changes, and to see how Mitime evolves the Miller Motorsports Park.


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