If you know a bit about old Porsches, then you've heard of the Emory family. Neil Emory is the man responsible for the Outlaw style of old Porsche 356 coupes. Fast forward from the '60s, and his grandson Rod Emory is carrying the torch forward with Emory Motorsports. Rod's company produces perfectly modified versions of these stunningly stylish machines, and he recently paid a visit to Jay Leno's Garage with a pair of pristine Porsches.

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The two cars on hand are both 356s. One is a 1958 Emory Special, while the other is a 1959 Emory Outlaw. It's clear which one is the Outlaw version thanks to the leather hood straps, deleted bumpers, blacked-out wheels, and that Mobil Pegasus on the fender. The special is a wonderful machine as well, but it's the look of that Outlaw that gets our blood pumping. Driving it would do the same, thanks to the 2,650-cc engine mounted in the back. That's over one liter larger than the original car carried, and it's certainly making far more power than the car saw when it was new. 

Jay and Rod chat about this history that his family has created, and also where Emory Motorsports is heading for the future. Rod makes a great guest, and his cars are an even better pair of guests for this episode.

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