It seems that some folks in the posh Kensington and Chelsea areas of London are a bit fed up. They're upset over the fact that a number of folks enjoy driving, parking, and then revving the engines of their expensive supercars. Any number of various exotic machinery seems to wind up parked outside Harrods. Once there, locals complain that a cacophony of unwanted V-8, V-10, and V-12 noise can fill the air. Additionally, it seems that these cars are said to be driven aggressively through the streets on the way to their preferred luxury store-side parking locations, a claim that certainly has some merit.

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Officials are pushing for legislation that would make it illegal (and fineable) for these high-end machines to be driven in convoys, leave the cars running while parked, or be used for a constant beeping of the horn. Additionally, according to the London Evening Standard, there shall be no revving of engines, playing of loud music, or rapid acceleration.

It seems a bit odd to us that there aren't already laws on the books that cover these bits. We're talking about noise violations, parking enforcement situations, and general speed violations. It seems clear to us that if these fancy areas wanted the problem actually fixed, they could just ask the local police to do so.

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Maybe the stores aren't quite so eager to appease the locals because those supercar owners are clearly supercar spenders...


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