Whether the new Audi RS 4 based on the latest 'B9' A4 would make it to American shores has long been the subject of speculation. But we now have the best indication yet that U.S. four-ring fans will again get an opportunity to buy the hottest version of the A4.

That clue comes via Audi's confirmation to Autocar that the latest version will again be available in sedan form. The decision is widely seen as an appeal to American enthusiasts, which tend to prefer sedans to the wagons so embraced in the Old Country. You'll recall that the current RS 4 is available exclusively as an Avant wagon, and thus not offered here.

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The decision is also a tacit admission that only offering a long-roof option last time around was a misstep product-wise, or in popular parlance, a bonehead move.

Motivation in the new RS 4 is likely to come from a high-performance version of a newly developed twin-turbo V-6 that we may first see in the new S4. Power is expected to jump from an estimated 350 horsepower for the S4 to around 500 horses in RS spec, and as with its detuned cousin, an electric assist—called the E-Turbo—will be employed to help spool up the smaller charger in the staggered twin-turbo setup. This will aid power delivery throughout the rev range.

An unveiling for the new RS 4 is expected to take place as early as next year, marking a change in strategy for RS models where their arrival has typically been much later in the vehicle life cycle.

We're certain to get more details about Audi's entire lineup when the Frankfurt Auto Show commences September 15. For more info on what to expect in Germany, head to our dedicated hub.  


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