One of the particularly enjoyable spots in the Audi lineup for the past couple of years was the TT RS. It's a fun little coupe that makes solid noise (for an Audi), has a great driver-centric cockpit space, and can be ordered up with a row-your-own manual gearbox. Those who prefer to let the car do the work can have a seven-speed dual-clutch 'box, at least in European markets. The car is nearly ready to make its debut in next-generation form, but manual lovers won't be happy with it anymore.

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According to Car and Driver, the next-generation TT RS will be offered up with just one gearbox choice. That seven-speed dual-clutch unit will be the sole gearbox available on the order form.

Sure, the car will still have an enjoyable turbocharged five-cylinder engine, and output is expected to be in the 400 horsepower range, but manual lovers continue to die their slow death. We love manual gearboxes here at Motor Authority, but we also love 400 horsepower coupes with five-cylinder engines. We're torn.


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