The Plymouth Barracuda was a pretty wonderful piece of the muscle car pie back in its day. Today though it seems the second-generation cars get heavily overlooked in favor of the third-generation machines from 1970 and 1971. They shouldn't though, because they can be made to look quite 'Cuda-esque badass in their own right. Case in point is this 1967 Plymouth Barracuda prepared as a Hurst Edition version by B&M Shifters. It recently visited Jay Leno's Garage, where The Great Denim One gave the car a proper walk around and drive.

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Under the hood of the black and gold car sits a 360 engine that's been bored and stroked out to 408. It's producing somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 horsepower, which is more than enough to get this rig rolling quickly. Beneath the bodywork sits a well-sorted suspension setup thanks to Hotchkis, and a set of rather sharp looking Centerline wheels completes the look. They're a great chance of pace from a world filled with Torq Thrusts or classic cars fitted with modern oversize rolling gear.

Leno gives perfectly honest feedback about the car, which has the squeaks and rattles one would expect from something built back in 1967. Additionally, the steering itself is stock while most around it has been upgraded. That's going to give quite a dead feeling on center that extends out a bit while turning until the rack catches up, and then we'd imagine the car turns sharply and flatly.

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This is one good-looking build, and it was done by the folks who know how to do it right.


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