Remember Cole Trickle? He was that promising open-wheel racer from California with a number of wins under his belt, but without the support of a big family name to pursue his dream of winning the Indy 500. He decides to jump over to NASCAR, and he becomes a polarizing young racer. Still, he manages to refocus and, with the help of his team, wins the Daytona 500. If you don't remember him, you need to go back and re-watch Days of Thunder, because it's awesome. From the racin' is rubbin' line to the rental car bashing and everything in between, it all adds up to a rather enjoyable movie watching experience.

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The folks at M&M remember the movie, and remember it well. That's why they've welcomed back Kyle Busch in a way that makes us smile... even if the acting is rather terrible. Kyle Busch and crew chief Adam Stevens do their best Tom Cruise/Robert Duvall impressions. The results aren't magical, but we did find ourselves smiling and even laughing a bit towards the end.

So relax, turn off your brain, and enjoy a bit of nostalgia with this Crispy Days of Thunder spoof.  

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