In 1972, a Georgia woman got a job in an office and was earning her first real paychecks. She was 19 years old at the time, had started to save up, and she decided to splurge a little bit. Always in love with the Chevrolet Corvette since it debuted in the year of her birth, this young lady decided to purchase a then-new C3 Corvette. She drove her pride and joy for six months, until it was plucked from her when it was stolen right from her office parking lot.

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Fast forward 43 years into the future, and it's time for a reunion. Her Corvette was deemed long gone, and Allstate had already paid her out of the stolen car claim many decades ago. The car, however, was eventually discovered when a used car dealer noticed a bit of funny business surrounding the VIN information. The police were contacted, and it was discovered that this was that Georgia woman's Corvette that had been stolen all those years ago.

Now, since the claim had been paid it was no longer really her car. All she could do was look at it in photos. That is until Allstate decided to put these two back together. Her actual former insurance adjuster came out of retirement to assist, and then drove the car up to surprise her. It appears to be in excellent shape based on what we can see in the video from Show TV, and we hope she gets a number of decades to enjoy the car she bought way back when she was 19 years old.

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