The Range Rover is officially 45—but it's hardly over the hill. Which isn't to say the British icon couldn't climb over said hill if instructed. 

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Land Rover unveiled its flagship on June 17, 1970, and the luxury off-roader's capabilities and amenities continue to define its segment. Over four generations, the Range Rover has tackled an 18,000-mile Trans-America expedition, achieved victory in the brutal Paris-Dakar Rally, and introduced technology like anti-lock brakes and electronic traction control to SUVs.

Along the way, the beefy British 4x4 also managed to become a status symbol on par with Jaguar's legendary sedans.    

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Of course, while current models might sport lightweight aluminum construction, height-adjustable suspension, six terrain settings and advanced hill-descent features, you're still more likely to see a Range Rover crawling through a Whole Foods parking lot than over a boulder in Moab.

Check out our gallery to see the evolution of the world's first luxury SUV.   


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