All dealers sell you bits and pieces designed to make your car a little bit more yours. This also help bring in a bit of extra cash as well. At the Chevrolet website, you can enter your vehicle information and see what might be available for your ride. If you have a Chevrolet SS, there are a handful of items to choose from... and some of them bear a logo familiar to Australian motorists. That's right, you can Holden-up your Chevy.

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Our Chevy SS is really the Holden Commodore. Australia loves its V-8 power and its rear-wheel-drive, and the Commodore is one such four-door beast. To bring the car to America, GM had to simply change the badges and rename it something rather unimaginative. (Really? You named the whole car after a trim level when you have a full history of names to choose from?)

If you want to give your Chevy SS a bit of Aussie love, then you can opt for some interior upgrades that show off either the Holden name or simply the brand's logo. If you really want to show your car some love, however, you'll find a way to transform it into the GTS-badged version of the Commodore. Trust us on this one.

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