The results of Millward Brown's annual BrandZ Top 100 are in, and Toyota was once again named the most valuable automotive marque. For those keeping score—which includes the entirety of the business world—that makes three straight wins for the world's largest automaker (BMW was number one in 2012).

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The study determines brand value by calculating the sum of all earnings that a company's brand is expected to generate on its own. Surveyed consumers were asked to judge a brand based on attributes that are important to them. As expected, the overall champion was Apple, which moved up a spot to take the overall crown from Google.

Millward Brown compiles a separate automotive-only ranking, but only six car companies made the overall list, with Toyota's valuation of $28.9 billion earning it the 30th spot. German rivals BMW ($26.3b) and Mercedes-Benz ($21.7b), took the 34th and 43rd places, respectively, and there's a dearth of non auto-related brands before Honda ($13.3b) appears in 78th position. Ford ($13.1b) came in at 80th, and Nissan ($11.4b) squeaked under the wire, coming in a 93rd.

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While there's always room for surprises in the business world, we'd don't see Toyota ceding its position anytime soon. While dismissed as a purveyor of beige econoboxes by many enthusiasts, the Japanese giant's broad price range—from the $15k Yaris to the $80k Landcruiser—translates to an immense pool of potential buyers, and a deserved reputation for bulletproof reliability make it a desirable option in any economic climate.

You can check out the full list of the industry's best performing marques below. 

World's most valuable car brands in 2015 in $ billion; rank in top global 100; % value change from 2014

1) Toyota; $28.9; (30); -2
2) BMW; $26.3; (34); 2
3) Mercedes-Benz; $21.7; (43); 1
4) Honda; $13.3; (78); -5
5) Ford; $13.1; (80); 11%
6) Nissan; $11.4; (93); 3%
7) Audi; $10.1; (N/A); 43%
8) Volkswagen; $9.2; (N/A); 10%
9) Land Rover; $4.9; (N/A); (N/A)
10) Lexus; $4.3; (N/A); (N/A)


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