He may have just been ousted from the Volkswagen Group but former chairman Ferdinand Piech isn’t about to dump the collection of VW Group cars that he’s amassed over the years. One of his cars, a one-off Porsche 918 Spyder, was recently spotted in Austria though it’s not clear if it’s actually Piech behind the wheel.

Piech is a fan of fast cars and is believed to have two Bugatti Veyrons and even a Ferrari LaFerrari among his fleet. We can also add this 918 Spyder to the list, which was snapped by Jakob Blazovich Photography.

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We know the car belongs to Piech because of its license plate, which reads S-FKP-417. The S is for the city of Salzburg, Austria, where Piech lives, and FKP are the initials of Piech’s full name, Ferdinand Karl Piech. He has a Veyron Super Sport with the same dark blue and orange theme and wearing the license plate S-FKP-57.

According to The Supercar Kids, the paint scheme isn’t the only factor that makes this 918 Spyder unique. They report that the car has a fixed roof, which would make it the only known Porsche 918 coupe in existence.


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