After Jeremy Clarkson’s punch-out flameout, and the subsequent death of Top Gear As We Know It (TGAWKI), there was some doubt as to whether the final Clarkson-featuring episodes of the show would ever be aired. Now the BBC has confirmed they will indeed air.

Or at least, they’re “likely to air” this summer, per the BBC itself.

There’s no detail beyond that, sadly, and we Americans will doubtless be left to fend for our (torrenting) selves until some much later date.

Another tidy tidbit hidden in the confirmation of the last of the C.E. (Clarkson Era) episodes: the BBC is considering women as potential presenters for the show once it re-launches.

What is the future of Top Gear? Where will it go after these final episodes? What of the Hamster, Captain Slow, and Clarkson himself?

We’ll keep you posted as each of these stories develop.